"Art Kaunas" international art festival will be  on September 29-30, 2023 in Kaunas Ċ½algiris Arena. This is the 1st festival, which presents the art of different countries and provides an opportunity for artists, collectors, curators and art lovers to make connections. Openness to new ideas, cooperation with artists and participants, will provide new perspectives for creativity, artistic growth, creation of future projects. Collecting the best work of art will become a traditional part of the festival program.

International arts festivals encourage innovation and creative experimentation that attracts attention and inspires artists. Participation in the arts festival is a great opportunity for artists from all over the world to present their works, share cultural diversity, learn from others and incite creative interactions. Due to their international nature, artists can receive recognition and notoriety abroad. This can help develop their artistic career. Also plays an important role in the education of the younger generation of artists.

The festival planning to organize every year, and the works of local and international artists, galleries and institutions will be presented. We will also pay attention to digital art and innovation in this area. Various events such as seminars, conferences, lectures, performances and presentations will be held.

Kaunas is also known for its rich and diverse artistic heritage, especially art deco style buildings, which have earned the European Heritage Label, the name of the UNESCO city of design.